-There is Hope-

jump-657717_1920We love to see people get better and we believe in what we do. Through close attention to the needs of our patients over the years, and the devotion to help people turn their lives around, Dr. Biddle and Asheville Integrative Medicine decided two very important things:

  1. Managing symptoms does not improve the quality of life for patients long-term.

  2. Effective and life-long health improvement is health transformation, the key to which is lifestyle education.

It was from this awareness that our program model of care was born. As a program patient with AIM you will have the support of our entire team of experts and classes that focus on nutrition, hormones, detoxification, stress release and exercise. Each class provides in-depth and cutting-edge information. So whether you already know a lot or are just starting to become empowered, there is something here for everyone.

In addition to the educational component of your care, you will also participate in one-on-one coaching calls with our holistic nurses. This additional support, between visits with the doctor, helps you to incorporate the unique plan of care that has been designed for you and remove barriers of resistance that arise from lifestyle changes.

As any great achiever will tell you, success comes from staying-the-course. In order to set our patients up for the greatest benefits we have designed our care program to be all-inclusive (doctor visits, therapies, supplements, classes etc.) with an up-front fee so you know exactly what’s being invested. This way, we have the ability to offer payment plans and financing options and you have the freedom to focus on your transformation.

Since making the change to a program-based model of care we have seen our patients flourish and live the lives they’ve imagined. We believe so strongly in what we offer and we look forward to helping you reclaim your health.