Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a new patient visit?  A new patient visit with Dr. Biddle is $475/$575 based on the complexity of the case.  We use a holistic approach, so the first part is getting to know you through a very thorough history.  Your first visit will last at least 90 minutes, then Dr. Biddle may suggest tests, lab work, diet changes, supplements, or prescription medicine.  As each patient is unique, so is their visit.  If your case is extremely complex, then gathering and organizing your history and symptoms may consume the entire visit, in which case treatment may not start until the second visit.  We try to use the safest, most natural methods to achieve wellness, but will also use prescription medicine if it is the best route.

Do you accept insurance? No, we do not file insurance and we are not on any insurer’s preferred provider list. Because we treat (medically and personally) differently than the medical community (AKA insurance companies) dictate, we do not “participate” in any insurance programs. We are considered “out of network” which means that you probably have a separate deductible and the insurance company may pay a percentage of the portion that is actually covered. Look at your policy under “out of network” to see what they may cover.  We will provide you with a receipt with procedure and diagnosis codes for insurance purposes.

What about Medicare? Patients who have Medicare will receive a 10% discount on office visits and their labs will be billed to Medicare by the labs we contract with if we have a valid diagnosis for the test. Patients must sign an agreement not to bill Medicare for services received at AIM, since we have “opted out” of Medicare.

Do you know of any doctors close to my home who are similar to your practice? Dr. Biddle is on the board of a group of doctors called ACAM, which stands for American College for the Advancement of Medicine. You can access their website and enter your zip code to give you a list of like minded doctors with the mileage from your zip code. After the doctor’s name, there will be a list of codes that stand for the areas of expertise of their practice.

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