We thank you in advance for respecting that the offices at Asheville Integrative Medicine are a fragrance-free zone. Want to know why? Keep reading…

dandelion-431079_1920Did you know that the majority of “fragrances” are synthetically derived? This may not sound like a big deal at first blush, but when you consider how many things you have on and around you that contain petrochemicals (shampoo, deodorant, dryer sheets, perfume, body lotion, soap, after shave, body mist,etc), we hope you’ll think again.

Petrochemicals, aka: petroleum distillates, are a series of chemicals that are key ingredients in products such as plastics, furniture, appliances and even bulletproof vests! They are also used in everyday products for home and beauty to prolong their shelf life. Here in the U.S. it is legal for manufacturers to use these chemicals under the term “fragrance”, and these “fragrances” that are ingested, absorbed and inhaled into the body have been linked to many nervous system disorders, allergies, cancers, birth defects, diabetes, obesity and hormone imbalance, to name a few. Synthetic fragrances are also laced with toxic solvents in order to make their smell last, furthering the list of harmful side effects and long-term damage to our bodies.

It is not just our staff that feels the effects of synthetic fragrance within the office, but many of our patients are already suffering from debilitating chronic ailments, and chemical sensitivity is a serious condition for them. As a program patient with AIM, you will have access to our incredible classes where you will learn even more about how to protect yourself and your loved ones from common toxic chemicals hidden throughout your home. Click here to start your enrollment process today.