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ADD & ADHD Alternatives

Discover natural, effective ways to treat and often heal, the fundamental causes of ADD/ADHD. For twenty years, ADD-ADHD has been increasing dramatically. Conventional drugs often don’t reduce symptoms and can have adverse side effects. Dr.James Biddle, MD shares the Integrative Medical perspective on these challenging conditions and offers suggestions that can help to restore balance in your life.

Allergy Alternatives

Prescription allergy medications make you drowsy or edgy. Allergy shots are no fun, either. Instead of facing conventional treatments, you may recoil from time outside. However, there are many natural treatments for allergic conditions such as Hay Fever, Asthma, Food Allergies, Sinusitis, and Allergic Rhinitis. Dr. James Biddle, MD explains the causes and natural treatments of allergies. He shares safe and effective ways to fix the problem where it starts—the immune system. Learn how to treat allergic reactions naturally or avoid developing allergies altogether.

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Andropause Alternatives

Occurring a few years later in life than female menopause, Andropause or male menopause, contributes to an increase in fat mass, fatigue, loss of libido, erectile dysfunctions, penile shrinkage, gynecomastia, hypogonadism and prostate problems. Andropause is also a leading predictor of premature aging, senility, and heart disease. Men of all ages are benefitting from this information presented by Dr. James Biddle, MD. Learn how to prevent or delay Andropause using healthy lifestyle choices and natural, non-invasive treatments.

Arthritis Alternatives

Prescription arthritis medications are expensive, have dangerous risks, and simply decrease pain. They do no change the underlying disease process. Although conventional medicine has basically no theory to explain the origins of arthritis, Integrative Medicine has good working theories that guide frequently effective treatment strategies to decrease inflammation and suffering. Dr. James Biddle, MD discusses options for prevention and how to reduce inflammation naturally and effectively.

Autism Alternatives

Though parents of children with autism are often told there is no known cause and therefore no known treatment, Dr. James Biddle, MD has experienced the exhilaration of watching parents reconnect with their children after Integrative Medicine protocols. Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disability resulting from disruption of the normal functions of the brain. Through scientifically-based biomedical treatment, many children with Autism achieve remarkable improvements in their health and some return to a more “normal” functioning state, as illustrated most publicly on the recovery of actress Jenny McCarthy’s son. In this video, Dr. Biddle explores the controversy surrounding the causes and treatments of this remarkable illness.

Breast Health Naturally

Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women in the United States. The American Cancer Society estimated that over 200,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. Dr. James Biddle, MD discusses how to actually improve the odds of remaining cancer free. Learn how to prevent, detect and treat breast cancer and maintain overall good breast health.

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Diabetes Alternatives

The National Institute for Health estimates that 7% of Americans have Diabetes Mellitus (2005). Diabetes was the sixth leading cause of death listed on U.S. death certificates in 2002. This condition is marked by a disordered metabolism and unusually high levels of blood sugar, due to either insulin deficiency or insulin resistance. While diabetes has genetic tendencies, the incidence is increasing rapidly, partially due to the prevalence of the high-carbohydrate Standard American Diet (SAD). Dr. .James Biddle, MD presents natural options for prevention and treatment, discusses the drawbacks of certain conventional medications, and offers hope for avoiding diabetic complications.

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Female Hormones Naturally

Many women are afraid of the cancer risks associated with hormone therapy, but they’re tired of the symptoms of aging, including hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, low sex drive, fatigue , depression and premature aging. Dr. James Biddle, MD offers numerous strategies for maintaining good hormones throughout your life, discusses the causes of hormone imbalances and shares safe and effective ways to feel young and sexy again.

Fibromyalgia Alternatives

Fibromyalgia is a rising symptom complex characterized by chronic fatigue and pain, brain fog, and insomnia. While conventional medicine is limited by pharmaceutical answers which only treat the symptoms, Integrative Medicine seeks to understand the root causes behind the imbalances which lead to symptoms, then restore the body’s natural balance. Dr. James Biddle, MD discusses how to regain health and reduce suffering from fibromyalgia through nutrition, healthful lifestyles and mindsets, hormone balancing therapies and detoxification.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen is the body’s most essential nutrient. Pressurized or “Hyperbaric” Oxygen dramatically increases the amount of oxygen available to body tissues and organs for better healing. Originally used for decompression sickness, Hyperbaric Oxygen is not just for scuba divers suffering from the “the bends” anymore. Hyperbaric Oxygen works to help improve oxygenation to injured areas of the body and brain, which allows many cells to begin functioning again, so that many patients can recover more fully from their injuries. Dr. James Biddle, MD discusses how Hyperbaric Oxygen works in the body and what conditions may benefits from its use including stroke, brain injury, autism, diabetic ulcers and more.

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Heart Disease Alternatives

The USA has 12 million deaths per year due to coronary artery (heart) disease, and about 500,000 bypass surgeries are performed each year, 75 – 80% of which may be unnecessary. Integrative Medicine looks at the underlying causes of heart disease beyond conventional thoughts. Dr. James Biddle, MD discusses advanced science behind the causes, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Heavy Metal Toxicities

Heavy Metal Toxicity could be one of the most critical health concerns of the post-industrial era. Metals such as mercury, lead arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum occur in nature, but have been released in large quantities into our atmosphere and water supply as a result of industries such as coal burning and steel production. They have also been used in products such as water pipes, dental filings, gasoline, paints and plastics. Although the toxicity of these metals to humans is rediscovered throughout history, they continue to be in use today. Dr. James Biddle, MD discusses the wide-ranging, chronic and debilitating conditions caused by toxic metals, how to avoid them, and how to assist the body in their excretion to restore optimal health.

In Defense of Medical Heresy

Dr. James Biddle, MD of Asheville Integrative Medicine explains the challenges and benefits of advancing the “standard of care” in medicine. Dr. Biddle discusses several significant historical figures who were committed to advancing the state of medical knowledge and practice in their day but were persecuted for pushing the status quo. Later, their achievements were claimed by mainstream medicine as “breakthroughs”. Many physicians today remain locked in a pharmaceutical paradigm box. While those who strive to advance medical practice continue to face political and legal challenges, the paradigm does indeed keep advancing.

Osteoporosis Alternatives

There are many scientifically-validated, safe strategies to build bone density. Osteoporosis can occur from a combination of many factors, including inherited genetic tendencies, nutritional deficiencies of vitamins and minerals, hormonal imbalances, and lack of weight-bearing exercise. It is certainly more than just a lack of dietary calcium. Dr. James Biddle, MD presents the known scientific causes and treatments for this debilitating condition and discusses how to improve your bone strength naturally.

Sustainable Nutrition

Diets don’t work. They start and then they stop. What we offer are the scientifically validated fundamental principles that can be utilized for your benefit in combination with whatever dietary philosophy you prefer. These principles are especially important for treating obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, arthritis and other preventable diseases. Sustainable Nutrition is one avenue towards optimal health which can benefit us all. Dr. James Biddle, MD challenges standard nutrition guidelines and theories, bringing historical and recent scientific perspectives. We are reminded that the Standard American Diet is not only SAD, but not sustainable for our bodies or for the Earth.


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