Allergy Desensitization






You don’t have to suffer with allergies and the barrage of symptoms-medications.

No matter how long you’ve lived with food or environmental allergies, you can find non-invasive relief through desensitization.


De-Sen-Sit-ization….it’s the process of diminishing the negative response to a stimuli (in this case, foods or environmental inhalants).

Using simple oral drops (sublingual immunotherapy) that are made specifically for you, over time your body builds a natural tolerance to the substances that cause allergic reactions. We’re constantly impressed with the effectiveness of this treatment, and our clients find it so much easier (and far less painful) than injections.

We are proud to announce our specialized ALLERGY TREATMENT  service is now available!


Want to know one of the best things about this service?! Our allergy testing requires only a small blood sample, so no one needs to suffer those irritating skin pricks. As a bonus, a portion of the blood sample can be stored for up to 6 months at the lab, in case any further testing is requested or needed. Win, and win again!

So, forget the pain and constant visits to an office for allergy shots and testing, and get started with sublingual immunotherapy today!

For more information about your allergy testing and treatment options, Click here to speak with our enrollment specialist, Joy.