The Top 5 Triggers of Immune Dysfunction.

December 12th, 2018 by JayneL in Allergies

Our immune system is a complex network of glands, organs, and tissues that work together to neutralize foreign agents in the body.

Most foreign agents (pathogens) that trigger an immune response are called antigens (a virus, bacteria, toxin…). The immune response is the first line of defense in preventing the pathogen from causing harm to the body.

However, sometimes the body launches an immune response to harmless foreign agents such as cat dander, flower pollen and some foods. This immune response is called an allergic reaction.

Ideally, our immune system is well balanced and responds accordingly. But, with the stressful reality of our modern world, we see more and more hyperactive and hypoactive responses that are leading to various other diseases.

Understanding the top 5 triggers and the best way to treat immune system responses is KEY to reclaiming our health.

In the short video clip below, Dr. Biddle briefly explains how immune system is triggered and the role that allergies play in understanding how we treat the imbalance.



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