Treating Heart Disease

The leading cause of death in America is preventable!

Heart Disease, also known as coronary artery disease, is primarily a disease of lifestyle. That means that the way you eat, how you manage and prevent stress, the specifics of your exercise and the environmental toxins you’re exposed to all contribute to or help prevent heart disease.

Why haven’t we seen a reduction in heart disease deaths?

It’s largely due to a lack of accurate education about lifestyle choices.  Additionally, conventional treatment has focused its attention on risk factors, not on causes, which is like covering a moldy wall in your house with a new piece of plasterboard and not addressing the reason the mold is there in the first place.

At Asheville Integrative Medicine there is a very simple reason we see lasting results for our patients. Our primary focus is on discovering the underlying cause of disease and empowering you through education and individual support to reclaim your health.

To find out more about our program model of care and how we can help you prevent or reverse heart disease, please contact our new patient coordinator by clicking here or calling the office at (828) 252-5545 now.