Can Type II Diabetes Be Reversed?

There are devastating mistakes made in common diabetes treatments,

So there's something IMPORTANT to know on the road to reversal & recovery...

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Decrease Medication

Insulin users significantly reduce or eliminate the need for insulin medication after 1 year.


Lower A1c

Clients in our RYH program see HbA1c levels below the diagnostic threshold for diabetes (6.5%), on average, within 3-6 months.


Weight Loss

The lifestyle education component of our program helps clients shed stubborn pounds - and keep them off for good.

Reversing diabetes is one of our specialties. By uncovering the underlying cause of your diabetes, and any diabetic complications you may be suffering from, we’re also able to:

   * Reduce Chronic Inflammation
   * Improve Liver Function
   * Decrease Insulin Resistance
   * Lower Triglycerides…and more!

Whether you have pre-diabetes symptoms, diabetic related weight control issues or you need a diabetes screening, we can help. Call the office today.